Fly fishing on rivers and lakes is often portrayed as a communal zen moment in nature. Seek out the Northern Pike, however, and you are in for anything but a peaceful time.

The Mean and Nasty Northern Pike

The Pike is undisputedly a creation of some demon figure. It is big, fast, and mean. It is the rare person that would describe the pike as anything but ugly. We are talking hit with the ugly stick more than a few times ugly! Just to top matters off, this demon spawn has teeth that would make a crocodile hesitate. We are talking about the biggest, baddest fish around. Read the rest of this entry »

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A lot of people around the world enjoy fishing in many different ways. To the fishermen, fishing is their career and for others fishing is a passion, a source of joy. Pike fishing is one of types of fishing found mostly in Canada. A lot of large pikes have been caught in the last two years in Canada. In the year of 2005, a pike of nearly 50 inches long was caught was one of the largest pikes weighing 30 pounds which also won the trophy that year. As a result, Canada has become popular for pike fishing. It’s not important if you live outside of Canada if you want to catch pike fish. You can still enjoy Canada pike fishing whether you are a Canadian or a visitor to Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

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In addition to warm clothes and waterproof boots the following gear is all you need to catch fish through the ice in the winter:

A short fishing rod and a small reel.
Fishing line.
A package of wax worms or meal worms, and some small hooks.


Jigging rod – Light and flexible rods used mostly for panfish (bluegills) and walleye. A short, firmer rod is better for perch.

Tip-up – A clever device that signals when a fish hits on your line. A flag “tips up” when the fish strikes and gives you the freedom to leave the fishing hole for a moment. Read the rest of this entry »

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After a extended cold winter, it is time to fish. Within the next month or so, I hope to take a nice trip for Northern Pike fishing. It has been a long winter, and ice fishing is not much fun in my view, so it will be great to get some action.

The initial few months after ice out are never really that prolific. However, I have found that many of the larger fish move to the spawning stage first, hence creating a great trophy pike chance. I do not like fishing too early on in the year due to my intense dislike of the bitter cold, so I can only fish for 60 minutes at a time or so. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anglers have a special affinity for northern pike. This most accommodating of fish bites readily during the daylight hours, sparing those in pursuit of fishing thrills the agony of rising before dawn. Northern pike while similar are far less wary than muskellunge: on average, it takes about eight hours of fishing to hook a northern, while anglers must log nearly 100 hours on the water to get a glimpse of a muskellunge.

Lots of people like to fish for northern pike. Read the rest of this entry »

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