Canada Pike Fishing

A lot of people around the world enjoy fishing in many different ways. To the fishermen, fishing is their career and for others fishing is a passion, a source of joy. Pike fishing is one of types of fishing found mostly in Canada. A lot of large pikes have been caught in the last two years in Canada. In the year of 2005, a pike of nearly 50 inches long was caught was one of the largest pikes weighing 30 pounds which also won the trophy that year. As a result, Canada has become popular for pike fishing. It’s not important if you live outside of Canada if you want to catch pike fish. You can still enjoy Canada pike fishing whether you are a Canadian or a visitor to Canada.

Canadian Northern Pike is supposed to be one of the largest and most ferocious fishes caught in America. A pike fish is usually 20 pounds of weight whereas the trophy catches usually push to the 30 pound mark. Canada pike fishing requires that you possess all the best fishing kits available.

There is a variety of fishing equipment available on the market today but among these you ought to select solid tackle and casting rods of heavy bait which are 6′ to 8′ in length. It would be wise to choose large whirling or open face bait casting reels. You also have to be careful in buying wire. Choose the strongest wire with the least possibility of line breaking.

Joe with the big fish of the trip

Joe with the big fish of the trip

It’s one of the most important decisions for Canada pike fishing is to find the most suitable place to catch the best pike fish. Typically the pike fish resides in shallow water during spring and in deeper parts during the summer. Pike fish can be found in both types of water during Fall. The most likely place to find the fish is in flowing water. It can be the best place to catch the large ones. Just imagine getting a large pike out of the water. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful experience!

Bait is used in fishing to attract the fish. That’s why you must have the most alluring baits to catch the largest fish. The proper length may be a quarter of the fish’s length. You should apply Liquid Power Bait if you want to catch a giant one. It may also work using frogs as bait. Make sure you have all the baits in your stock before you start your journey for Canada pike fishing.

You can catch the largest fish by fishing Pike in Northern Canada. You have to choose the perfect spot and time of the season if you want to catch the best and largest Pike. You must ensure to have sufficient funds to afford the best fishing equipment. Every year Canada arranges some of the best pike fishing packages. So plan your pick fishing vacation and make your journey to the kingdom of fishing and experience the incredible excitement of fishing. You surely will miss a lot if you don’t try Canada Pike fishing once at least once in your lifetime.

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